Now let’s talk about God….

Now in the novel “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy he shows what’s humans of our own race is capable of doing when in times herstiric ends. being real, God was hardly ever recognized throughout the novel. why? Well, from my knowledge of God. Through any hard times anyone would automatically pray to God, looking up to him through hard times, sad times, good times, angry times, heck its really anytime for my personal opinion. In the novel the boy didn’t know much of God all he knew was his father. Basically in the boy’s eyes his own father was God to him, he looked up to his father to be there with him every step of the way through everything. When the father passed away the boy really didn’t know what to do afterwards. He stayed by his father’s side mourning over his death. As from the novel, “…the boy didn’t uncover him but he sat beside him and he was crying and he couldn’t stop. He cried for a long time. I’ll talk to you every day, he whispered. And I won’t forget. No matter what. Then he rose and turned and walked back out to the road.” This establish that he was realizing he had to let go of  his father and keep moving forward without him. While promising to talk to him everyday, no matter what. From this I suspect that God is his father.

From my previous lessons in my English class, we’ve discuss about Christ-like figures that represent God. They are characters that is an embodiment or representation of Jesus Christ. So with that being said I figure the boy from the novel is a Christ-like figure. Why, because he seem to know when things are not good to be around like for example when the father found a locked vault door and in the middle of trying to open it. The son wagers on about they should leave cause he knew that it wasn’t safe and steady for them to be there. but after the father finally got the door open after telling the child to hush for God sake because there could be food and warm clothes for them to take and use on their journey for them to last longer out in the cold to survive. When he open the door he went down the steps with his son real close to him and it reek of foul smell and when reached to the bottom step they both seem a man basically with no bottom half crawling towards them saying help me help us looking on to the others on the wall hung by their hands some naked others with tattered old smelly clothes then the father instantly grab the boy to push him up the stairs fast as he could and quickly he put the door back how he found it and while he was doing that the boy was dancing in terror when the man looked on to the boy’s gazed and see people from the through he window and grab the boy and took off running non stop till they felt as if they were out of sight and tried to give the boy the gun to tell him or if you ever get caught to put the gun up under his chin and pull the trigger hard and fast so it wouldn’t hurt and be a quick death, but suddenly as they sat still waiting the boy was telling his papa that he love him and didn’t want him to go without him leaving him alone in the woods. the father looked at his son and hugged him saying I will never leave you alone and they sat hidden in the woods till the close was clear and started out their journey again but much more careful of any peasant like them walking around their direction.

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