McCarthy’s vision of Human crisis

From McCarthy’s novel he visvualize humanity in a most horrific way that many people can do some outrageous things to one another. In the novel the father and son comes across some gruesome sights like the camp fire they wander into seeing the newborn child dead. The head was gone the whole body was charred, bones everywhere menacing things going on. Basically,  one of many sights unpleasing to the eye. Now for myself, I wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of blood let alone a NEWBORN CHLD THAT WAS EATEN BY ITS OWN mother and father. It hurts my soul to read something like that even in a book this sadden and gruesome. Cannibalism the main object in this whole novel. Finding dead bodies all dried up and shrunken. Bones everywhere, piles of them to be specific. Human bones mostly being displayed throughout the novel. So much terror being seen by a young boy never seeing the world before the arrival of the post-apocalyptic. What mostly concerned me for the boy when he ask his father questions about the world that for the father was no longer a memory he could recall. The father would make up things to the boy giving him imaginable insights of how the world was like. but for the instant moment the father thought to himself the lies he was telling his own son was  wrong to do and how much it made himself feel bad about it. The boy at times would ask his father multiple questions regarding if there were any other survivors left like them. Also asking if they were the good or bad guys. Somehow towards the ending of the story, the boy seem to knew that his father wasn’t going to last long like he knew he was dying. For the last little moments of the father time left with his son, his son would ask how will he know the difference between the good and bad guys. THE FATHER RESPONDING TELLING HIM HE WILL KNOW BUT HE HAS TO KEEP GOING SOUTH NO MATTER WHAT WEITHOUT STOPPING TO reach his destination.

All in all, knowing the father devoted his life to protect his son’s life. That’s almost every parents dedication to their child (ren) to protect them at any cost if meaning giving up their own life. And that’s what this amazing father did to protect his son through any measurement it took when it costs his own life.  But he still was there to watch over him with every step of the way from heaven.

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