Chapter 2: The Weary Wait pgs. 49-94

Over a hundreds books I’ve read, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, is one of the most saddest books I’ve ever read. What father devotes his life to do everything possible to take care of his son when it means giving up his own life to save his. Any father right? Right, but this particular father takes care of his son when his lover kills herself because she felt it would save her son and so she wouldn’t live in the horrific life, that was brought upon them. So the father steps up taking every precaution there was to take care of his son. The two comes across other life in the journey, seeing many horrific things, some life saving. The horrific things they see are pretty gruesome like the charred infant, a pool of guts and bones that’s been cooked its scary to know such things like that goes on in a post-apocalyptic world. I for a known fact would have been like the little boy crying most of the time, because all you see is corpes of dead people some eaten others seem to bled out. I mean waking up to know there aren’t many people alive, you have to travel on a road and sometimes sleep in the woods to praying you wake up to find someplace better than last and hope this blood, tear, and heartache journey will finally be over too. Now I have to admit there were some happy moments of when they found food and clean water, a more clothing to keep warm and strong enough to keep going. At first I thought the young was going to first one to fall down as in get sick, die of starvation or froze to death you know simple things. But surprisingly he made it but his father didn’t i swear i was sitting on bed crying real tears when his father passes away in his sleep and the boy didn’t want to leave from by his side. That part made me sad and cry, he was in fact a brave soul to have sit there and know your won father was dying and you kept your word to always keep talking to him no matter what and to keep heading south and find good guys to help you along the way. I was extremely happy for the boy when a man came an took him to where there were other kids and people (the good guys) and now he safe and somewhat happier now that there are kids around his age. The boy throughout the whole story carried the fire ( the will to live) he in my eyes kept his father and himself alive when at moments when they came upon abandon houses the boy often times would say things like “papa, i think we should go, I’m scared, no.” Of course the father listen but never act upon his son request until after he searched the house. The boy at times did save them multiple times with his sense of danger. Like for example in the book, when they followed a man in the street to see where he was going whether he was a bad guy or not they pass by him to find out he was blind and the boy not letting his father walk away from he helpless man ask to give him some food and wanted to take him with them but knowing he really couldn’t because he wasn’t enough food for the three of them barely enough for just the two of them. The boy had a desire to see what good people are and was liberal to help them despite his own struggle to survive. The blind man said that the son could be a guardian angel to out looking to protect people he see fit. But the father seemingly agreeing to disagree knew and hated it because it only devoted his life to his son to protect at all cost even if it means taking his own life or his son. Throughout this whole book the two fought and push through to move forward to south on hope and faith of the hardships they will come across on their journey on the road.

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